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The State of Your Association 2013

Dear Fellow REEA Members:

I’m excited to report that even though we hit a few speed bumps early in 2012, we ended the year in great shape—financially viable, vibrant, and moving forward! It’s in large part to you, our ever-supportive members.

Here’s a brief recap of 2012:

• At the end of the year, we had more than $69,000 in the bank! (a far cry from the $750 we found ourselves with last April!) The Treasurer’s report will be posted on the website for your viewing

• We held a very successful 2012 Conference at Morehead State University (Thank you Bev, Ginny and Conference Committee)

• We rewrote our Bylaws and streamlined the form and function of the Board of Directors (Thank you, fabulous Board!)

• We developed and continue to fine-tune a new Strategic Plan for REEA, becoming more member-centric

• We expanded the REEAction Newsletter and webinar offerings

• The DREI designation program has been transformed into a new, added-value development program. (Please see DREI Corner on the DREI section of our website)

• The “Pick Two” program got members chiming in with how they could assist REEA. Many thanks to all who participated and continue to volunteer

• We’re on tap for a great 2013 Conference at Iowa State University in Ames, in June

In addition to getting back on our feet financially, I believe our second greatest accomplishment last year was moving to self-management. This is the first time in REEA’s history that we haven’t had to rely on, and pay dearly for, a formal management company to assist us. Kris Inman, our Executive Director, is doing an incredible job at the helm, and she looks forward to meeting all of you at our June Conference.

We appreciate you and your contributions as a member. Here’s to another thirty-three years of REEA making a difference in real estate education!

Julie Garton-Good, DREI, CDEI
REEA, 2012-2013 President

Source: Real Estate Educators Association