The State of Your Association 2013

Dear Fellow REEA Members:

I’m excited to report that even though we hit a few speed bumps early in 2012, we ended the year in great shape—financially viable, vibrant, and moving forward! It’s in large part to you, our ever-supportive members.

Here’s a brief recap of 2012:

• At the end of the year, we had more than $69,000 in the bank! (a far cry from the $750 we found ourselves with last April!) The Treasurer’s report will be posted on the website for your viewing

• We held a very successful 2012 Conference at Morehead State University (Thank you Bev, Ginny and Conference Committee)

• We rewrote our Bylaws and streamlined the form and function of the Board of Directors (Thank you, fabulous Board!)

• We developed and continue to fine-tune a new Strategic Plan for REEA, becoming more member-centric

• We expanded the REEAction Newsletter and webinar offerings

• The DREI designation program has been transformed into a new, added-value development program. (Please see DREI Corner on the DREI section of our website)

• The “Pick Two” program got members chiming in with how they could assist REEA. Many thanks to all who participated and continue to volunteer

• We’re on tap for a great 2013 Conference at Iowa State University in Ames, in June

In addition to getting back on our feet financially, I believe our second greatest accomplishment last year was moving to self-management. This is the first time in REEA’s history that we haven’t had to rely on, and pay dearly for, a formal management company to assist us. Kris Inman, our Executive Director, is doing an incredible job at the helm, and she looks forward to meeting all of you at our June Conference.

We appreciate you and your contributions as a member. Here’s to another thirty-three years of REEA making a difference in real estate education!

Julie Garton-Good, DREI, CDEI
REEA, 2012-2013 President

Source: Real Estate Educators Association

REEA is Moving to Self-Management on November 1, 2012!

IT’S OFFICIAL!  REEA is Moving to Self-Management on November 1, 2012!

After thirty-two years of being managed by various association management companies, the REEA Board of Directors is proud to announce that we’re financially stable and moving to self-management, effective November 1, 2012.

“With the appointment of Kris Inman, Tucson, Arizona, as Executive Director, we’re in great shape to successfully manage our Association”, commented REEA President, Julie Garton-Good,
DREI. “Kris brings a wealth of business experience to REEA in the very areas of our greatest needs—member care, meeting planning, and business management. Additionally, she’s been a real estate licensee and an instructor so she knows how our industry works and what it takes to be a successful real estate educator”, said Garton-Good.

REEA wants to thank Bill Wald, CEO, of ARELLO and his staff for the exemplary job they did as our management company, as well as how they’ve supported our efforts for a smooth transition to self-management” said Garton-Good. “REEA will continue to sing ARELLO’s high praise!

The new REEA snail-mail address in Arizona and phone number will be released shortly. During our transition, our website at is fully operational for paying dues or communicating with headquarters. Feel free to drop our new Executive Director, Kris Inman, a “Welcome to REEA” note at We know she’d love to hear from you!

Julie Garton-Good, DREI
REEA President

Source: Real Estate Educators Association

It’s official—-REEA’s 2012 Conference to be held August 10-13!

Last Friday, the REEA Board of Directors’ voted to move forward with our 2012 Conference to be held at Morehead State University, Kentucky, on August 10-13! Beverly McCormick, DREI, a REEA Board member and a tenured professor at Morehead, was able to arrange a fantastic, cost-effective conference for us on campus. Our theme will be: “Phoenix Rising: The New REEA Experience”, featuring the latest teaching tools and approaches to keep you, our members, on the cutting edge of real estate education.

So we’re announcing a “Call for Presentations” in order for you to submit a conference session for consideration. This RFP is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Provide us with your name, contact info, and a three-sentence paragraph describing your session (complete with a zingy title);
  2. Include three course objectives and your preference for either a 60-minute or 90-minute format;
  3. Send it to and she will submit it to the conference committee for consideration. Deadline is 5PM CDT on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Btw, if you sent an RFP submission earlier this year, please re-send it to let us know that you’re still interested in presenting.

Why not pair your REEA conference experience with a late-summer vacation? Nestled in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky, Morehead boasts the fantastic scenery of the Daniel Boone National Forest and beautiful Cave Run Lake. Check out all of the fun activities at

So save the dates, send us your best course proposal, and look for conference registration, lodging, and transportation information coming soon.

We’ve listened to your requests for holding a conference and believe we’ve come up with a winning combination that meets our members’ professional development needs, budgets, and great networking.

We look forward to seeing you on August 10th-13th!


Julie Garton-Good, DREI
REEA Interim President

P.S. Got questions? Feel free to email me at

Source: Real Estate Educators Association

Important Update Notice from the REEA Board of Directors

May 4, 2012

We have received several member queries regarding an email they received from Professional Educators Society under the name of “Joe McClary, Executive Director” stating that their dues will expire in June, 2012.

These emails had no discerning logo, were not on letterhead, and have nothing to do with your REEA membership. Rest assured, if you’re reading this communiqué, you’re still a viable, valued member of the Real Estate Educators Association and we’re moving rapidly forward on your behalf!

The Professional Educators Society is a “For Profit” business not associated with REEA. REEA is a not-for-profit association whereas the members have a vote and say in the leadership of the association, and the operation and fiscal management are transparent. REEA’s Officers serve without compensation unlike a “For Profit” organizations.

REEA’s database is transparent to “members only” who log into the member-protected side of REEA. Some of you expressed concern that you found a mirror image of your REEA membership profile, without your knowledge, set up at the Professional Educators Society.

Please be advised that appropriation of that information was not authorized by ARELLO® & REEA, and the For-Profit Society has no authorization from ARELLO®/REEA to use that information moving forward. The association is taking the necessary action to perform discovery to understand how the duplicate information was obtained, transferred, and migrated to a For-Profit organization without the authorization of current Leadership or the Members.

We take your valuable membership and privacy very seriously, and we are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused you.

We heard you loud and clear during the membership vote meeting of March 26th—–you want us moving head, generating greater communication plus added-value membership benefits—-and that’s just what we’re doing.

Many thanks for your concern, support, and confidence in REEA leadership. With incredible, supportive members like you, we’re embracing the future and making it happen—together!

Julie Garton-Good, DREI
REEA Interim President

On Behalf of the REEA Board of Directors:

Bill Aaron
Ryan Adair
Asha Alsobrooks
George Bell, DREI
Amy Chorew
Len Elder, DREI
Art Gary
Chuck Jacobus, DREI
Michael McAllister
Beverluy McCormick, DREI
Karel Murray, DREI

Source: Real Estate Educators Association