I’ve had over 30 years in public education as a teacher, coach and administrator. Amy is one of the top instructors I’ve had the pleasure of observing! This time I was in the role of a student, I appreciated the time Amy took with our class. It couldn’t have been easy with us old timers and all our questions, but you went above and beyond all my expectations! Thank you.Donald Kent HoustonNovember 14, 2018
Amy is a very experienced, creative and fun instructor. I definitely recommend her. She had an answer for every question and was always available. Thank you Amy for your attention to detail and caring. You are an inspiration!Gail MalaveNovember 14, 2018
I took Amy’s class in April. She knows the material very well and helps each individual at his/her own pace. Amy made the class exciting with her unique teaching style. I recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about real estate.Megan SwigerJune 27, 2018
Best of the best! Truly appreciate Amy. She's such a great teacher, she doesn't just teach you to teach, she makes sure you understand everything before moving forward. I passed both exams first try! The class was great, very interesting, and I loved our small group as well as the beautiful ocean view every night 🙂 I will recommend Amy for all the classes she provides, because I am sure I would personally love all of them! Thank you very much, Amy!Vika PritulaApril 22, 2018
Amy is an exceptional instructor on every level. I highly recommend learning the Real Estate world from Amy as she is a gifted expert, extremely patient and teaches what you need to know in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.COOP COOPALOOPAApril 11, 2018
I highly recommend taking your real estate class with Amy. I say this because unlike most instructors she loves the education AND the business of real estate. I took my REC with her from Feb-Mar 2018 and passed my class and state exam (March 22nd) on the first try. The classroom is a small personable setting and Amy makes sure her students know that the floor is always open. She won't move on unless everyone is understanding the material and this is what makes her REAL ESTATE INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR!! Don't look anywhere else, sign yourself up now!Janice KinslerApril 8, 2018
My wife and I both took Amy's class and would highly recommend her real estate class. Her field trips are one-of-a-kind!Mark GoodsonNovember 29, 2017
Amy is an excellent instructor. She takes the time to help thoroughly answer you questions. And she truly has a passion for teaching. I have recommended Amy to many people and will continue to do so. And most importantly I passed my real estate test first go around because of Amy's attention to detail her her classroom teaching!Michelle RankinOctober 12, 2017
Amy Walker is the best instructor I've ever met - very professional, her teaching overwhelmed me, she made complex concepts easy to understand. I enjoyed her class very much and decided to take all my post licensing either in class hours and/or on-line. Amy is a wonderful person and extremely knowledgeable, she went above and beyond to teach the Broker's class. I enjoyed every moment of her class and will highly recommend Amy to my friends and colleagues. Top notch and a great experience. Thank youHelle RomingerSeptember 24, 2017
Thank you Amy! Amy is a fantastic teacher who has all of the knowledge and experience to get you where you need to be in the real estate world. She gives you the tools necessary to sharpen your understanding, while keeping lecture engaging and entertaining incorporating her real life experiences. I made it through her class, and passed my Broker Exam on my first try, thanks to her professionalism. I will be back for my continuing education and would recommend PERT to anyone who is serious about entering the business.Terri HewittSeptember 21, 2017

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