Study Skill for Amazon Alexa

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Study Skill for Amazon Alexa:

This is a skill in Amazon Alexa to aid students studying for the Florida Real Estate Exam.    It is a game-quiz structured, multiple choice exercise allowing both group and individual study.   The questions or leading statements are followed by four options.   Only one option is correct for each question.  Most questions will be followed by a brief narrative to further solidify the topic for the student(s).


  1. Open the Alexa App on your phone.

  2. Click theMenu icon to open the Alexa™ menu

  3. SelectSkills and Games buttonin the menu

  4. Click theSearch iconin the upper right corner

  5. Type the skill name:  Real Estate Exam

  6. Click thePERT Seal for AlexaPERT logo  and enable the skill

  7. Then just say:  “Alexa:  Open Real Estate Exam” to try it out.